Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Just a Minute

This blog has been far too silent lately. I've realized how hard it is to actually write a book and write a blog. So the book writing is going well, if slowly. The blog....well, here's a post.

Historica Canada today released a request for proposals for two new Heritage Minutes. These will deal with the First World War, in time for the centennial of its beginning next year.

I won't dwell here on the 100-500 thousand dollar estimated value (not sure if this is for each or together).

But I will say that many historians will be pleased with the themes. Historica notes that we already have three heritage minutes on the war, commemorating Vimy Ridge, John McRae and Valour Road. Now the list of possible topics includes:

-   unique acts of bravery 
-    war’s impact at home
-    the role of women
-    multiculturalism in the military
-    founding of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry & the Royal 22nd Regiment 
-    conscription 
-    resistance to the war
-    Impact on Canadian identity
-    war art

Not a bad sample, I think. But surely someone will complain.

And while we're on the subject of Heritage Minutes, here's my vote for the Heritage Minute to be made in 2030:

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