Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tommy's ghost vs CSIS, update

An update on the case between Canadian Press reporter Jim Bronskill and the government of Canada/ CSIS. If you recall, this is the case over whether CSIS and Library and Archives Canada need to open up the documents in Tommy Douglas's now very old security file.

I won't go over all the details here except to say that the case is going to live on, thanks to an appeal by Bronskill. A more general overview of the case is here.

CSIS and LAC really are out of touch. Even the the National Post's Kelly McParland is on to them. Read him on the gaping holes in the logic used by CSIS to argue why it can't release the documents:

So if it’s not Douglas that needs protecting, it must be CSIS. Again, Douglas has been dead for a quarter of a century. If CSIS is still using spy techniques that old, maybe it’s time they updated them a tad. I suspect there was little in the 1986 RCMP spying arsenal that the Russians, Chinese, or whoever it is we consider “the enemy” hasn’t figured out. Exploding pens? Invisible cars? Look, don’t tell CSIS, but Roger Moore isn’t even James Bond any more. 

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