Friday, 15 June 2012

Blogs to Read

Some great blog posts over the last few days that I've enjoyed:

Ian Mosby exposes and enjoys the history of Joe Beef's Tavern, past and present, over at Active History

Slightly Bookist has a great, wry comment on functional (il)literacy on that great wordsmith blog here. If you're literary-inclined, also check out the newish series of interviews she has with contemporary Canadian, British and American novelists.

You can get a link to a new ebook about the imagined boyhood of Arthur Meighen (and info on a new edition of Meighen's superb Unrevised and Unrepented) over at Roderick Benns blog here

And finally Christopher Moore gives a witty summing up of the seeming surfeit of prime ministerial bios on his blog here

On the latter, I do hope there will be a lull before my own sort of but not really biographical biography of the afterlife of Mackenzie King comes out in a few years. If only I could stop having children, I might finish it...

* * * CORRECTION * * *

I was wrong about the above - the book mentioned on Roderick Benns blog is actually not part of his series of invented prime ministerial boyhoods. It is simply a non-fiction life of Meighen aimed at young readers. You can get the ebook of Arthur Meighen: A Way with Words now.

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