Monday, 11 June 2012

The Crown in Canada

Under the heading, 'too bad so few will attend', I see that there is a conference on the Crown in Canada, to be hosted at the University of Saskatchewan, marking the Diamond Jubilee.

I am no monarchist but I do live in this strange country we call Canada which, despite much evidence to the contrary, and despite the delusions of many in (oddly) the Conservative party, is still a parliamentary democracy. So the more we think about, understand and critique the system of government as it currently exists, the better.

See the details here

* * * UPDATE * * *

Christopher Moore rightly points out that the conference is sponsored by The Friends of the Canadian Crown. (See his post here) He also notes that the conference isn't exactly inclusive in its views on the Crown in Canada - ie the republican option isn't on the menu. Good points, both. I had noticed that, alongside the solid scholars (Jim Miller, David E Smith, Peter Russell), there were also some that looked more than a little 'ornamental'.

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