Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Off the Shelf

Behind the Scenes: The Life and Work of William Clifford Clark

Aside from being a compulsive book-buyer, I am also an unrepentant book-starter. This means that I invariably have many books 'on-the-go'.

At the moment, it's not too bad, I'm only trawling through:

Robert Wardhaugh, Behind the Scenes: the Life and Work of William Clifford Clark (Toronto, 2010) (see here)

P B Waite, In Search of R B Bennett (McGill-Queen's, 2012) (see here)

and, to keep me human, and because I so much enjoyed hearing her speak at the Congress in Waterloo:

Margaret Atwood, Edible Woman. What a funny, ironic debut this was.

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