Media, Op-Eds and Reviews

'History lessons, cast in bronze,' Globe & Mail (28 October 2015). See it here.

Review of Donald Wright, Donald Creighton: A Life in History  in Literary Review of Canada (September 2015). See it here. 

'A Monument to Victims or Just Partisan Bluster?' Toronto Star (21 December 2014). [not online]

'After Del Mastro' Ottawa Citizen (7 November 2014) See it here.

Review of Julie Gilmour, Trouble on Main Street in Literary Review of Canada (May 2014). See it here.

'The Great War left more than one legacy,' Ottawa Citizen (15 January 2014) See it here.

'Ignorant of History?' appearance on TVO's The Agenda (8 January 2014) Watch it here.

'No devil in Museum of History details,' Ottawa Citizen (4 December 2013) See it here.

'Arthur Meighen: The Unlucky Prime Minister,' Leaders and Legacies (December 2013) See it here.

'CanLit Embarrasses Itself' Ottawa Citizen (14 November 2013) See it here.

'Political Scandals don't Always Stick' Ottawa Citizen  (4 Nov 2013) See it here.

'The BBQ and Masculinity in Canada'  The Agenda Blog (TVO) See it here.

'MPs Don't Really Want to Talk About History' Ottawa Citizen (7 May 2013) See it here.

Review of Yves Engler, The Truth May Hurt in Literary Review of Canada (June 2012). See it here.

Review of Allen Levine, King in Globe & Mail (14 Feb 2012). See it here.

'Yorkville State of Mind,' Literary Review of Canada (September 2011).

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