Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Harper's history lessons

Ah, the creativity of our great and glorious leader Stephen Harper! Many Canadians are now tweeting history lessons about the NDP, following in the slippered footsteps of Harper the historian.  Check out the twitter feed #HarperHistory or more details here

In case you missed it, over the last week Conservatives of all stripes have been giving history lessons about how the NDP can't have a view on the war in Afghanistan because 73 years ago it didn't want to go to war against Hitler.

J S Woodsworth

Fact check: It was J S Woodsworth who headed a political party of a different name (ie the CCF not the NDP) who voted against going to war. But it was only Woodsworth who voted this way. The rest of the CCF voted to go to war. M J Coldwell then took up the leadership of the CCF in the Commons. If you're interested in Woodsworth - and why not, he was a fascinating man - take a look at the biography by Kenneth McNaught. Buy it or be cheap and read parts on Google books here.

Here are some of my favourites from the twitter feed:

'"The NDP refused to come to the aid of men when Mordor invaded Gondor."

"The NDP shamefully stood by in the fight against plaque and gingivitis."

"The #NDP didn't even support the fight against the Death Star!"

"The NDP were the 2nd gunman on the grassy nole "

"Sarah Palin can see the NDP from her house"


  1. How could the NDP not support Gondor in it's time of need? Gondor and the brave residents of middle earth deserve better. Steven Harper is a strong supporter of the defense of Gondor!

  2. Ah, Mark, it only gets worse.

    The NDP also gave succour to the Wicked Witch of the West. They sharpened the knives of Farmer J MacGregor, and even set rabbit traps in his garden. Many NDP MPs are known to say they have to pee, but only after putting on their snowsuits with 18 zippers, and 15 buttons. And Jack Layton, in a previous incarnation, was known to call Anne 'carrots'.